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Galway, Covered

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Joyces Driving School offers affordable driving lessons in Galway.

Special Student Rate: 350 euro for 12 EDT lessons including log book

380 euro for 12 EDT lessons including log book (Regular Price)

Pre Test Lesson

35 euro for single lessons including pre test lesson

Lesson & Car Hire

100 euro for car hire plus pre test lesson


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Driving Lessons In Galway

Before becoming an Approved Driving Instructor, Liam began his driving career in the defense forces. As a result, he has extensive knowledge his tuition is designed to keep you safe when driving. This is done by highlighting hazard awareness, the importance of reading the road ahead and expecting the unexpected. Driving is a very important skill – its not just about passing a driving test.

Get the best driver training – Get Joyce’s Driving School, Galway.

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